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Bioaccumulation in Food Chains

Birdstrike is when birds get in the way of planes which cause delays and billions of dollars worth of damage worldwide. To combat this, Dutch company ‘Clear Flight Solutions’ has developed Robird, a remote controlled robot resembling a peregrine falcon which can be used to scare off unwanted birdlife.

Traditional scarecrows give birds a fright but eventually they overcome their fear and get used to them. Robird’s design however, directly triggers birds survival instincts forcing them to leave an area forever.

Robird is to have its first airport tests at Weeze Airport in Germany in February 2017. If successful, they can be used in many other industries such as farms, waste disposal and harbours.

Peregrine falcons themselves are under threat from mankind. Learn more with Twig film Bioaccumulation in Food Chains.