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Twig is tailor-made for teachers

'I LOVE Twig! I use it everyday. It is so easy to use and the films are at my fingertips. The length of the films is perfect. I also like the short quizzes that come with some films. I am trying to get my students ready for the state science tests and this really helps.'
Trudy Swan, Science Teacher, USA
'Twig is a versatile, user-friendly teaching tool that will engage pupils and teachers alike. The films are only a few minutes long so you can use them during the lesson to emphasise a particular point or introduce new ideas.'
Vaila McClure, Science Teacher, Vyners School, United Kingdom

Twig connects the classroom to the real world

'Twig shows how practical Maths can be and how it can be used in the most unlikely of places.'

Dominic Guinan, Maths Teacher, Ard Scoil Chiarain Naofa, Ireland

'I have played a few experiments that I wouldn't have been able to do in the lab otherwise. I love it!!!'

Andrew Brett I.C.T. Technician & Librarian, Kings College, Murcia, Spain

Twig is matched to national and international curricula

'Depth of coverage: 10/10. I cannot think of another film resource that has covered topics as well as Twig. I was blown away – it was such a good match for my curriculum.'
Sophie Rosso, Maths Teacher, AE Peacock Collegiate, Canada
'I really like the videos on Earth History. They are short and to the point and show the important concepts that the students need to see. We need to cover tectonic plates and our book does not go into any detail so we use the Twig films to supplement our lessons. A picture is worth a thousand words.'
Rita Peskus, Science Teacher, Ronald Reagan Academy, U.S.A

Twig helps students visualise tricky concepts

'Twig videos give me really simple explanations for scientific concepts that look complicated.

'Twig is a website that teaches me difficult concepts in my different subjects areas and gives me a clear explanation of what I am trying to learn. It has a fantastic layout that is easy to navigate and has a wide variety of videos that are appropriate for my age.'
Grade 6 student, United World College of South East Asia, Singapore

'Twig has great content in teaching complex ideas. Our teachers love to use Twig to teach.'

Roy Li, Science Teacher, St. Paul's Convent School, Hong Kong

Twig keeps students engaged

'Twig is the best educational film resource on the market. The films have awesome captions and visuals. The roller-coaster short movies capture the attention of students and ignite their curiosity to learn more about the universe they live in.'

Lic. María Lorraine de Ruiz-Alma, Headmistress, Notre Dame School, Dominican Republic

'The videos that Twig produce are amazing, a great way to get the students engaged.'

Alison Nave, Maths Teacher, Jakarta International School, Indonesia

'These kids were raised with technology. They love the fast-paced video games and gadgets. Teachers have to compete with that in the classroom, and Twig gives us that advantage.'

Beverly Jarrell, Science Teacher, Piney Grove Middle School, USA

Twig supports differentiated learning

'Twig engages your pupils who maybe aren’t interested in Science and it gets them on board, and for your pupils that are very able and want to be challenged it also provides that challenge.'

Katie Sowden, Primary Teacher, Williamston Primary School, United Kingdom

'Things are in full swing with Twig in our science classes. The resource is being used for teacher-led discussion in class, homework tasks and, this is the most pleasing for me, students are beginning to use it as their primary resource when carrying out research at home and school!

'The students really like the videos as they have easy to understand terminology, aren't too long and not typical of other science videos!'

Andy Nightingale, Maths and Science Teacher, United World College of South East Asia, Singapore

Twig makes teaching with multimedia easy

'Twig is a fantastic film resource for teachers: flexible in its use but fixed in its great impact on learners. There are some wonderful features with great supporting resources, an integral part of our virtual learning library.'
Simon O'Grady, Principal, British International School, Cairo

'The staff at EIS Moscow have found Twig and Tigtag resources a ‘breath of fresh air’ in this age of visual learning. The staff cannot wait to start incorporating both the materials, videos and planning into their everyday lessons which will add a new dimension to the learning opportunities for the students.'

David Lowder, Principal, English International School, Moscow.

Twig sparks classroom discussions

'Great discussions come after watching Twig’s films. It’s very exciting to allow them to have free time to explore the Twig website and then discuss what they’ve learnt.'
Kimberley Gillingham, Head of Science, Pembridge Hall, United Kingdom
'Twig films instigate discussion and that’s a really important thing. It’s about getting the kids to understand and think for themselves and that’s what I really like about the films.'
Monica Warren, Maths Teacher, United Kingdom

Twig uses world-class film footage

'The films are scientifically accurate and the production quality is absolutely outstanding.'
Karl Frearson, Head of Science, Eton College, United Kingdom

'The images are stunning, they capture the imagination and interest of students. The videos are colorful and full of action and energy and are especially powerful for a generation of students accustomed to highly visual computer-based experiences.'

Beverly Jarrell, Science Teacher, Piney Grove Middle School, USA

Twig supports independent learning

'The way the content is structured on the Twig website allows children to guide their own learning.'
Karl Frearson, Head of Science, Eton College, United Kingdom
'With Twig, I can let the children go off and find new exciting areas to explore on their own.'
Kimberley Gillingham, Head of Science, Pembridge Hall, United Kingdom