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65 Years of supersonic flight

Oct. 9, 2012, 1 p.m.

When test pilot Charles ‘Chuck’ Yeager fractured two ribs just days before he was scheduled to take an historic flight, he refused to let it ground him.

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The technology behind the 2012 summer of sport

Oct. 1, 2012, 1:34 p.m.

This summer, the Olympic and Paralympic games have showcased and celebrated incredible feats of the human body. In addition to the skill and endurance of the athletes, science and technology played a key role.

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Chimp yawns are catching on

Aug. 17, 2012, 1 p.m.

Scientists studying chimpanzees at a zoo in the Netherlands have formulated a new theory for the behavioral quirk of contagious yawning.

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A breakthrough in CERN’s search for Higgs boson

July 14, 2012, noon

Nearly 50 years after it was first theorised, physicists at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) have announced the possible discovery of the elusive Higgs boson.

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Vaccination for nicotine addiction developed

July 9, 2012, noon

Researchers have developed a new form of vaccination, which has been shown to prevent nicotine addiction in mice.

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Unexpected effects of the 2011 Japanese earthquake

June 8, 2012, 1 p.m.

Research scientists are investigating the species found on a floating dock that has travelled from Japan to California as a result of last year’s earthquake.

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Dino-flatulence turned up the heat

June 1, 2012, noon

65 million years ago, the Earth not only looked very different, it felt very different as well. Using fossil records, scientists estimate that the planet’s temperature levels were around 10°C higher, and a new study may have found the culprit: dinosaur farts.

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Nanotechnology helps researchers uncover ancient red blood cells

May 25, 2012, noon

Researchers have used cutting edge nanotechnology to discover red blood cells in a 5300-year-old mummy.

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Leeches used to track rare wildlife

May 18, 2012, noon

Leeches are being used to track endangered species in Vietnam – the forests of Vietnam are rapidly disappearing but still contain hard-to-find animals.

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The physics of effective flying

April 24, 2012, noon

Researchers have found that bats save energy whilst flying by folding their wings into their bodies as they lift them.

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