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30 April 2016 | Created by:Category: Technology

Apple For Education

There have been some interesting articles documenting the future of Apple's rise in Education....
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27 April 2016 | Created by:Category: Education

PISA is Changing

Yesterday EdSurge published a really useful article about how PISA is adapting their international assessments to outline skills that will be needed in the 21st Century. Here's a quick overview: First administered in the 2000 to assess the quality of education systems across ...
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14 April 2016 | Created by:Category: Education

A Fair Education

The Fair Education Alliance is a coalition of organisations from education, charities and business. Together, the Alliance is working to tackle educational inequality, building a fairer education for all by 2022.
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05 April 2016 | Created by:Category: Education

Twigging on to Educational Excellence

The Bangkok Post has published an article on Twig's successful SIP pilot in Malaysia and our increased usage in Thailand.
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