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28 July 2017 | Created by: Ishita MandrekarCategory: Education

Here comes the sun

Summer break often translates to a break from learning. Studies have already documented how the summer learning gap can have long term effects – in worst-case scenarios, it can even affect a student’s ability to graduate from school. Don’t worry ...
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20 July 2017 | Created by: Ishita MandrekarCategory: None

Five ways to keep kids learning during the holidays

How can we keep children learning through the holidays? Summer is all about fun, and a good way to incorporate learning into the holidays is through summertime activities and play. We’ve scoured far and wide to bring you five great ...
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13 July 2017 | Created by: Ishita MandrekarCategory: Classroom

Five ways to help you (and your students!) remember things

A lot of examination stress stems from the sheer pressure to do well – and, as a result, many students experience temporary memory block during exams, where they struggle to remember what they have learnt. People also often have trouble ...
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