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28 April 2017 | Created by: Lucy JacksonCategory: Twig World News

Reach Out Reporter wins again!

Building on its success from the ERA’s, we have yet more great news for our topical news service, Reach Out Reporter. At the 2017 Learning on Screen Awards, Reach Out Reporter scooped up the Education Multimedia Award. Designed to showcase innovative educational media ...
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25 April 2017 | Created by: Ishita MandrekarCategory: Education

What can we learn from teachers around the world?

Whether we like standardised assessments or not, tests like PISA have come to be regarded as an accurate reflection of a country's progress. Education, after all, shapes a country, along with its future leaders and scientists. Over the years, various ...
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18 April 2017 | Created by: Ishita MandrekarCategory: Science

Who is accountable for our space junk?

Recent news reports on space debris – the remains of various space crafts that either imploded on their own or collided with another satellite – show that “millions of pieces of human-made trash are now orbiting the Earth.” Satellite technology ...
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12 April 2017 | Created by: Ishita MandrekarCategory: Science

Painting the world purple and blue: why you should consider becoming a colour chemist

We don’t often associate chemistry with fame and fortune, but in 1856, William Perkin discovered both after accidentally formulating the colour purple.
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11 April 2017 | Created by: Ishita MandrekarCategory: NGSS

Why NGSS? Why it’s important for science education

American schools had been following the National Science Education Standards from the National Research Council (NRC) and Benchmarks for Science Literacy from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to teach science in the classroom.
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05 April 2017 | Created by: Ishita MandrekarCategory: Education

Virtual Learning with Mark Ellis

We believe in working in partnership with teachers, rather than just delivering a product, we have our very own Mark Ellis speaking at the COBIS Annual Conference, focusing specifically on how schools and educators can get the best out of ...
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