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09 September 2016 | Created by: Fiona WallaceCategory: Case Studies

Teaching with film: A case study

Karen, a teacher and coordinator in the science department at an international school in Nice, tells us why she loves teaching with Twig.
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12 May 2016 | Created by:Category: Case Studies

Twickenham Prep Support School in Malawi

Twig school Twickenham Prep has recently opted to support African Vision Malawi, a charity organisation that helps orphaned and vulnerable children with health and education.
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04 May 2016 | Created by:Category: Case Studies

Use Twig for IGCSE and IB Math Studies

‘The Emperor’s Chess Board short film by Twig World, has served as an excellent starter for a topic on the laws of indices,’ says Novairah, Math Subject Leader at the International School of Nice, France.
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29 March 2016 | Created by:Category: Case Studies

Davenies School embrace Tigtag for iPad

Tigtag subscriber Davenies Prep School is one of an increasing number of schools to embrace the iPad.
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10 February 2016 | Created by:Category: Case Studies

Tigtag makes science easy

When it comes to primary science, complex vocabulary such as vertebrae, osmosis, and spectrum may cause students to switch off long before they reach for a dictionary...
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