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24 February 2017 | Created by: Ishita MandrekarCategory: Technology

The Importance of STEM

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and with this change come many challenges: climate control, poverty reduction, clean water, sustainable energy, food production, finding cures to deadly diseases, and economic growth, to name just a few. STEM fields ...
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13 January 2017 | Created by: Ishita MandrekarCategory: Technology

High Tech High: Technology in the Classroom

What do you call a school that uses no textbooks, no examinations and non-traditional syllabus? School of the Future? Not quite. High School High is very much a school of the present using methods that are on par with the ...
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30 April 2016 | Created by:Category: Technology

Apple For Education

There have been some interesting articles documenting the future of Apple's rise in Education....
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